Introducing: The Neurodiverse Museum Membership Scheme

Image promoting The Neurodiverse Museum Membership Scheme. It reads: Become a member organisation. Sign up to the principles: museums and neurodiversity. Empower a neurodivergent led organisation to support and drive change across the sector.

To support us to continue to deliver our work towards making the museums and cultural sectors more equitable for and, representative of the diverse neurodivergent community, we have created The Neurodiverse Museum Membership Scheme.

This scheme will give us security to further develop and shape our activity, so we can better support our network of individuals and organisations.

Becoming a member will not only allow you to support us in this goal, you will also have access to the following benefits:

• Be featured on our website as a contributor and part of our future Neurodiverse Museum Directory
• Have the opportunity to share your work through our channels
• Discounts on attendance of all training and events (including our annual conference)
• 20% discount on consultancy rates
• 20% discount on bespoke training delivery to you or your organisation
• Future accreditation as a dedicated Neurodiverse Museum

More than that, you empower us as a neurodivergent led organisation to advocate for change that champions lived experience and puts neurodivergent voice at the forefront #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs.

This scheme is most suited for organisations, priced £100 annually.

Members will be required to demonstrate how they are meaningfully undertaking work to implement ‘The Principles for Museums and Neurodiversity’ to receive accreditation. We will support you in this.

Become a member organisation here.

Find more information about our upcoming conference here.

If you are an individual interested in supporting us in this way, we are developing a separate scheme to facilitate this. It will follow a pay as you can model. Join our mailing list to hear more about this in the future.