We aim to publish a wide variety of neurodivergent voices here and support a greater understanding of what neurodiversity is, and how museums can better support and work with neurodivergent people.

#NDMuseums24 Resources

Our inaugural conference created an exciting, atmosphere of passionate sharing and discussion. Here are some of the compiled links that were shared on the day.

Introducing: The Neurodiverse Museum Membership Scheme

Discover how you can become a member organisation and access benefits to support your development towards neuroinclusivity and equity for neurodivergent people in your spaces. Support us to continue to deliver our work towards making the museums and cultural sectors more equitable for and representative of our neurodiverse population.

My Journey to Kickstart

I’m Saraya! I’m currently the Kickstart Programme Assistant here at The Neurodiverse Museum. I’ve been able to spend the last year involved in lots of museum activity. All of which has brought me to this exciting position.

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Neurodivergent Voice

We’re looking for guest bloggers! We want this website and project to be about raising awareness of neurodivergent voice, and supporting a greater and more meaningful approach by the cultural sector, and museums specifically towards neurodivergent people. if you’d like to share your experience or activity, please download the blog template by clicking the link … Continued

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What if we looked at museums and Neurodiversity differently?

You may have seen activity growing across the heritage sector (and in other areas of life) specifically for neurodivergent people – individuals whose state of being is different from the neurotypical experience (this encompasses autism, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia etc). Whilst this is to be applauded in starting to consider the needs of neurodivergent visitors, there is a concern that the resulting outputs are often not driven by neurodivergent people themselves and as a result, do not, on the whole, meet need.

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Autistic Experiences in Museums

I’m Sammy, a volunteer with Leeds City Museum and a consultant for The Neurodiverse Museum, a project with Sporting Heritage.

Leeds City Museum and Sporting Heritage have asked me to work on a project called The Neurodiverse Museum. We want to work with autistic people to support museums to be more accessible spaces, have more representative histories, and to make it easier for autistic people to get jobs in museums.